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Orlando personal training at your home or office.
Hire an Orlando personal trainer today!

No over priced gym memberships! No equipment necessary.

Eliminate boredom by adding variety in your training workouts to keep your muscles challenged! Fit4Ever Lifestyle will help you attain your personalized goals:

:: Focus on personal training for business travelers, partner training, group fitness classes for your office staff, and one-on-one training.

:: Enhance functional flexibility in order for you to perform your daily tasks and activities more efficiently.

:: Develop all over body strength with the use of weights, bands, balls and your own body weight which stimulates metabolism and in turn reduces body fat.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association

:: Establish progressions in balance in order to restore core strength and postural stabilization.

:: Educate you in creating healthy dietary changes and good exercise habits.

:: Enhance low back health

dr phillips personal training
Fran Johnson (on the left) winning
an Academic Achievement Award in
Sports and Fitness from Lake-Sumter Community College.
May 1, 2008

Online Training &
Health Coaching Available

Did you know?

  • Aerobic fitness increases cardiovascular endurance in activities you enjoy and promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol readings.
  • Flexibility keeps our tendons and ligaments more pliable which also creates better posture.
  • Muscle stimulation activity can stave off osteoporosis by stressing the bones.
  • Muscles respond the same way throughout our lived, you can begin and benefit from a program at any age. Muscle adds density to our bones.
  • Fit4ever Lifestyle can help you improve your golf game, running, and other activities you participate in.

So what are you waiting for?
Contact Fit4ever Lifestyle for Orlando Personal Training Today!


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