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Fran Johnson Personal Trainer Testimonials

Fran Johnson is the personal trainer that facilitates the 50+ Exercise Group five days a week at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.  She has worked with this group of men and women about 8 years.  Fran has a way of making exercise fun!  Everyone is made to feel welcome.  The attendance remains steady but swells in the winter when the snow birds return.  This group does more than just exercise--there are seasonal parties/lunches that follow the exercise time that allows an opportunity for the people to get acquainted and have fun, also there are planned events and outings off the church campus.  Fran definitely has the gift of connecting with people and getting them to enjoy exercising.Carol Crowley - Assistant Director of Nurture Ministry
St. Luke's United Methodist Church

Palm Lake Fitness GroupPalm Lake Elementary teachers love getting fit with Fran! We look forward to Monday's and Thursday's when we can get our one hour work out. For two years, Fran has provided a class that is the perfect combination of cardio activity, strength training and stretching. Her class truly is a total body workout in a non-competitive environment.- Palm Lake Elementary

Bonnie's Success StoryI had never been able to stick with an exercise program, until Fran. She is dynamic, fun, versatile, knowledgeable and a nice person to boot. She has certainly helped me to accomplish one of my goals of aging gracefully and staying fit at the same time. Thank you Fran.- Bonnie

LindaI moved to this area about two and a half years ago and started Fran Johnson's strength training class about two years ago. The warmer temperature in this area definitely changes the type of clothing you wear. I started wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts much more often. I noticed how out of shape my arms and legs were. I started working out with Fran and I can definitely tell the difference. I can wear any type of clothing now and not be afraid of how I look. The overall body toning that I have experienced has been great. I feel and look much better thanks to Fran.- Linda

St. Luke's Strength for Life ClassFitness is an important component of staying in good health.- Stephen Holloway
This class was instrumental in lowering my blood pressure and helps me feel stronger and mentally alert.- Bonnie Callahan

St. Luke's 50+ Fitness Aerobic ClassesSt. Luke's 50+ Fitness Aerobic Classes

June's Personal DedicationWe appreciate our Fitness Instructor, Fran Johnson. Her dedication, determination, and enthusiasm working with her 50+ classes are really note-worthy. We seniors are in better health and are aging well because of our Teacher, Fran Johnson. Her professionalism shows in her continuing education, and it shows in her implementation of new ideas. We love and respect our instructor for her outstanding dedication to us and physical fitness. PS We award her five stars. *****- June

Lee CloudStrength training at 63 years old has helped me keep up with my grandson!- Lee Cloud

Lee CloudExercise has kept me young. At age 80, I'm active and feel great!- Hazel Bennett

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